Four Little Words that Can Change Your Life

It’s an intriguing idea, isn’t it? Are there four words that hold the power to change lives? Can any words really contain that kind of power, that kind of hope, that kind of transformation?

Can only four words do that?

Obviously, I think the answer to that is Yes.

But please note the verb: Can. Not will. Why the distinction? Because words alone are merely words. In themselves they don’t hold the ability to do anything. They simply are. It’s what we choose to do with them that matters. The choices are really yours.

Accept … or reject.

Act … or ignore.

Hope … or do.

Four little words. They can be transforming … or not.

It’s up to you.

… and through him God reconciled everything to himself.

He made peace with everything in heaven and on earth by means of Christ’s blood on the cross.

– Colossians 1:20, New Living Translation

Would you like a more succinct paraphrase of this verse? It’s just four words:

God wants you back.

No matter what you’ve gone through or how you’re living, no matter if you’ve been gone for a moment, a year or a lifetime … God wants you back.

Even if you think He never had you in the first place … He wants you back.

And if you know you’re His, but there are times your focus wavers … He wants you back.

It isn’t about control or possession. It’s about a Creator who loves His creation above all else. It’s about a Father who desperately longs for His children. It’s about a God who wants your life to be filled with LIFE.

As Lent unfolds, we’ll be looking at these four little words and what they mean for each of us. In the meantime, know this: God wants you—yes, you—back.


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