Listening to Dolphins

A dusky dolphin named "Nox".

A dusky dolphin named “Nox”. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“Mom! We heard the dolphins talking! It was amazing! They sounded like ‘click, click, click’!”

The boys were excited, and I didn’t blame them. Eavesdropping on dolphins is pretty amazing.

We were at the beach, and the dolphins had come in to feed, as they did twice each day. The boys were quite young, and they and their dad were in the water during one of the feeding times. I was on the shore, watching the dolphins leap.

So how do you listen to dolphins? Simple: You lean into the water. You immerse yourself—or at least your ears–in their world. You get wet.

Jesus said that His sheep—those who believe in Him, those who follow Him and practice His teachings—would hear His voice.

“My sheep hear My voice, and I know them, and they follow Me …” (John 10:27, NASB).

So how do we hear His voice?

We lean into the water: We read the Scriptures, we pray, we listen to sound teaching, we worship.

And we get wet: We immerse ourselves in this world He has created. We serve, we comfort, we work for justice, and we love.

It can be uncomfortable. But, just like immersing yourself in the sandy, cold, wet ocean to hear the dolphins, it’s worth it.

We do the things we are asked to do. And as we do, we learn to hear His voice.

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