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Motivated or Committed?

Women's Olympic Road Race- 29th July 2012

Women’s Olympic Road Race- 29th July 2012 (Photo credit: MrHunnybun)

Daily Bible reading. Prayer. Exercise. Eating healthfully. Learning. Working toward our dreams.

Sometimes we need to make changes in our lives, in the way we do things, in what we’re committed to.

And, often, it’s not too hard to see what it is that we need to change.

“I’ll need to stay ahead on the readings if I want to do well in this class.”

“I need to cut the desserts and hit the gym so I can lose that extra weight.”

“I need to earn some extra money if I want to travel.”

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Thursday Intermission

Hey, there! Welcome to Thursday Intermission, your chance to relax and take a break.

This week I commiserated with my sister about the policy of compulsory change of passwords at her office. There are certain requirements, the passwords have to be changed every few weeks, and they can’t be reused. So I sent her this helpful documentary:

I also sent out a couple of birthday cards, being careful not to select any that might be objectionable to family pets:

And while playing with my cats, I contemplated the fact that, while they might perhaps not be the most highly intelligent of animals, at least they aren’t trying to play fetch with statues.

Thanks for joining me this week. See you tomorrow!

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I Need You; I Don’t Need You

Sometimes life seems full of difficulties; troubles loom, disaster awaits. And so we turn to God. We need Him.

And other times, things go well for us. We know ourselves to be blessed; we see that we can make our way on our own. No need to trouble God at the moment; we have all we need. We don’t need Him.

The only problem is that we do need Him. Every day. All the time. Even when we think we don’t.

We need His grace poured out. We need His life and light in our lives. We need His forgiveness and His strength to move on and to grow.

Fortunately, He’s there to catch us … even when we don’t think we need Him. And we do need Him–even when we think we don’t.

“In Him we live, and move, and are [have our being] …”

— Acts 17:28

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Thursday Intermission

Hello and welcome to your weekly break. Hold on–we’re about to get cultured!

Actors need to practice their craft. This one certainly takes it seriously.

In the mood for some music? How about the “Typewriter Symphony”? My favorite comment on the video: “Always wanted to play this but I played 2nd typewriter in the orchestra.” (Thanks to my mom for the link!)

Let’s see … Acting, orchestral music … How about some opera?


At the Opera from Juan Pablo Zaramella on Vimeo.

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