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One Last Thought


Path (Photo credit: CatDancing)

Hey, friends!

Thanks for joining me here at BeaMuses. It’s been an interesting ride. I hope that you’ve been encouraged and sometimes challenged by what I’ve shared here.

I wanted to let you know that BeaMuses is being placed on indefinite hiatus, and this will be my last post here for awhile. That said, in the time since I’ve decided definitely to take a break from posting I’ve jotted down several blog post ideas and thoughts to share. I’ll be back.

If you follow my posts on WordPress or receive emails with each post, you’ll be notified of future posts; if you don’t, I invite you to subscribe so you can rejoin me at a later date. I plan to be back with a revamped site in the new year (if not before).

In the meantime, know that I have been and will continue to pray for you.

More importantly, know that God is, and He is a Rewarder of those who seek Him (Hebrews 11:6). Seek and find!

Joy to you,


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The Adon Olam: Lord of the Universe

The Adon Olam is a beautiful Jewish hymn, attributed to 11th-century poet Shlomo Ibn-Gvirol and sung, according to the Jewish New Testament Commentary, in most synagogue services. It comprises a view of God that moves from the transcendent to the personal, from eternal Creator and Ruler to personal Guide and Deliverer. In many ways it parallels the hymn Paul included in Colossians 1:13-23. I wanted to share it with you today.

He is Lord of the universe, who reigned
Before anything had been created.
At the time when everything was made by his will,
Already then he was acknowledged as King.

And after everything has ceased to be,
He alone, awesome, will still rule—
He who was, is, and will be
Glorious forever.

He is One: there is no other
To compare with him, to place beside him—
Without beginning, without end;
Power and dominion are his.

And he is my God—my Redeemer lives!—
The Rock of my suffering in time of trouble,
A banner guiding my way, a retreat when I flee,
The portion in my cup on the day I call.

Into his hands I commit my spirit
When I sleep and when I wake—
And if my spirit, then also my body when I die:
Adonai is mine, and I will not fear.

For some reason YouTube won’t link properly, so if you’d like to hear a version of the hymn, you’ll have to actually click here. Sorry for all that work! 😉

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Thursday Intermission

Hey! It’s Thursday! Time for a video break.

Before we get to the videos, an apology: BeaMuses has been sporadic the past couple of weeks, and I’m sorry for that. It’s not that I haven’t been thinking of you, it’s just that I’ve been busy being sick. But things are getting better now, and so I’m back. Fortunately, I had some help with this week’s Intermission.

“Flying a Drone Around the NY Public Library.” The title is pretty much the description. Except that it doesn’t quite convey the beauty of what’s to come, with gorgeous architecture highlighting the vast stores of knowledge and wisdom, all set to evocative music. (Thanks, Melody!)

Fot a total change in mood, here’s a Simon’s Cat video I can relate to: “Scary Legs.”

And finally, just for fun, “Vine Like a King!” made, of course, using Vine.

May your day be filled with a sense of wonder and of resting in God’s presence.

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