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Thursday Intermission

Happy Thursday! This week, in a spirit of eclecticism, we’ve got an adventuresome grasshopper, a cat who doesn’t appreciate the USPS … and the NFL.

Wayne Unten, one of the animators for the movie “Frozen,” also does animations just for fun. The video he took on his phone while playing with his kids in a park becomes something special after he works his magic.

I’m not sure if this cat is tired of all the mail being for someone else, or he’s just angry at all the cold air the postman is letting into his nice, warm house. Either way, he (or she) is Cat: Protector of House and Home.

And, in honor of the Big Game this Sunday (also known as “The Superb Owl,”) Bad Lip Reading visits the NFL.

May your day be filled with warmth, love and laughter.

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Just to Be Clear: A Note on Works

"Balance Stone Totem" via Pixabay

It can be difficult to clearly articulate a message in a forum such as this. It should be a simple matter of choosing one’s words; however, when the message is ongoing, it becomes a matter of balance and of focus over time.

And so I want to be certain I’m clear about something.

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Thursday Intermission

Happy Thursday! Time again to take a break, relax and enjoy some videos.

Now, some weeks I have trouble finding good videos to share.  There’s a lot out there to sift through, and it can be hard to find the good ones.

This week? This week wasn’t like that. As soon as I saw this  cat’s skateboarding adventure, I knew I wanted to share it.

And, while we’re on the subject of cats,  this lion cub is adorable.  As photographer Chris Bray explains in the description, “While running one of our 2-week photo safaris to Kenya, we attached a GoPro camera to a remote control car and drove it up to a lioness with cubs, stopping at a distance where they still showed no interest, and then jiggled the car around just enough to invoke the cubs’ curiosity. Two of the three cubs then came over and investigated it for 20min, before growing bored and tired and falling asleep back with mum.”

Finally, if you haven’t yet watched Jason Brown earning his spot at the Olympics, you’ve missed something special. He earned silver at the national championships and had the audience on their feet before he’d even finished.

May you notice the fun, beautiful and memorable moments in your life today.

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Walking It Out: Living the Story

Quite often on this blog, I write about living the kind of life that becomes an expression of God’s life within us reaching out to the world. In fact, just last week I wrote:

As we meet needs with caring and love; as we respond with patience and understanding instead of confrontation and argument; as we walk in mercy and compassion, fairness and forgiveness, integrity and justice; as we show the character of God in this world—as we do these things, we will be displaying the life that comes from a God who is worth serving.

But what does that look like?

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A God Worth Serving?

GLady via Pixabay

Not long ago, the standard conversations about the Christian faith were fairly well known, the questions familiar. “How do you know the Bible is true?” “Did Jesus really live on the earth as the Bible says?” Even, “Have you heard the four spiritual laws?”

But the conversation has been shifting. It was stated quite well by someone on a forum recently, someone who was asked why he has moved from Christianity into atheism. (In the interest of privacy, I won’t cite the source here.)

His position appears to be the consummate post-modern perspective. He wrote of growing up going to church and as part of a believing family, then said, “At some point, it just clicked. It doesn’t matter if you think God is real, it matters if you think God is worth following and supporting.”

Think about that for a moment. This man wondered, considered, pondered whether God—the God of the Bible—is worth following and supporting. And his conclusion was that no, He is not.

This saddened me beyond words.

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Thursday Intermission

Hey there!

Welcome to Thursday Intermission. Time to relax and take a break from your busy week.

While some of us have been hibernating away from the cold, others have been somehow enjoying it. A couple of years ago, percussionists from Irkutsk Technical University took to frozen Lake Baikal to play with–and on–the ice. The info on YouTube includes this quote from one of the percussionists: “We playing on frozen water of deepest and oldest Lake Baikal with pleasure and delight in the soul.” That pleasure and delight shines through!

Now, I realize that snow and ice aren’t everyone’s favorite thing. (Hi, Mom!) So if that video has in any way gotten you depressed, I apologize. I also present this amazingly edited video to cheer you up.

Finally, I’m very glad to be back to BeaMuses. This last video shows how I feel about my readers.

May your day be blessed with the melody of God’s presence.

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Return of the Blog


I’m back!

My hiatus lasted longer than I’d planned, longer than I’d thought it would. Initially, I needed some time off, as I was juggling pneumonia and the flu at the same time. (Multitasking’s not all it’s cracked up to be.)

Looking back, the time since I last posted here has been a blur.

A friend was diagnosed with severe health issues.

I was hired for a dream job, but then told the position for which I was hired wasn’t needed after all.

Looming largest, my husband’s father passed away.

But you know what else happened?

There was time spent with family and time spent with friends.

We celebrated New Year’s Eve by watching a friend’s vision for ministry come to fruition.

And, looming largest of blessings, Christmas.

We’ve had a lot to wade through, but we’ve also been reminded over and over again of the meaning of the season just past. “You shall call His Name Emmanuel: Christ with us.”

I don’t know what you’re going through right now; I hope life’s handing you blessing after blessing. But whether it’s the roses or the thorns you’re living with right now, the truth remains. Christ has come. He is here. God is with us.

God is with you.


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