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Thursday Intermission

Happy Thursday! Ready for a break from your week? Well, settle in. This week there are more videos than usual. They’re short, but fun.

Daniel Hashimoto is the father of  a young son. He also happens to work in animation and special effects for Dreamworks. And when his home and work worlds collide, we get Action Movie Kid. Each clip shows the son doing some normal little boy thing, like playing with a toy light saber or splashing in a puddle. But when combined with the father’s video skills, the results are … well, just watch.

May you see the incredible in your day today. Your Father’s adding some awesome special effects for you–like grace and sunshine, family and friends, laughter and peace.

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Happy April!

Today’s the day to double-check the sugar before you add it to your coffee. You might not want to be too trusting when someone tells you exciting news. And if your son’s into acting, you might not want to empathize too much when he tells you dejectedly about the trouble he got into at school. (Yes, it worked on me …)

Happy April Fool’s Day.

Pranks are usually done at someone else’s expense, and they seem easily to slide into mean-spiritedness. But the prank played on waitress Chelsea Roff ended up … a little differently.

Surprising someone with kindness, targeting the gifts to the recipient’s desires, giving with over-the-top generosity, letting others share in the fun and the joy of giving … This is what blessing is about. And it shouldn’t be the exception. If our lives are to be a reflection of the One who is the Creator, the Giver, the Redeemer, then acts like these should be our “normal.”

Maybe you can’t afford to give someone a car right now, or a trip to Hawaii, or a thousand-dollar tip. (Join the club!) But you can give some encouragement, you can share some home-baked deliciousness, you can help that older neighbor with lawn chores–or at least pay them a visit.

God has given us so much. He has been lavish in His creation and in His gifts of light and life, love and laughter. Yes, there is sadness and tragedy in the world–too much of it. But that is precisely why we are called to show God’s love. His love isn’t a gushy feeling; it’s shown through actions that seek to help, to comfort, to care.

Is there someone you can surprise–in a good way–today? Is there a way you can prank someone into having a better day, or a better week? Is there a way to use the day to share God’s love? Have at it!

Happy April Fool’s Day!

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