There are some strong words out there: Expound. Assert. Declare. Contend.

And then there’s a gentler phrase: To muse. To meditate, to think, to contemplate, to dream.

Bea Muses is here to encourage you as you walk through your days. Written from a Christian perspective, posts here are not intended to be didactic, to set forth the final word of authority. Musing is more part of the process of thinking things through; it’s the art of the tumbling ’round of ideas in one’s head so as to gain clarity.

The posts shared here are the things I’m thinking about, ideas that have inspired me to ponder or to wonder or to grow. I hope they’ll give you something to think about, too.

Thanks for joining me.

One other thing: I love comments.  Signing in is relatively painless, I promise. Please consider joining in the conversation.


BeaMuses is written by Barbara (Bea) Knoll, a writer and editor who lives in Pennsylvania, U.S., with her husband and two cats. She loves her sons, her daughter-in-law, and curling up with a good book.

Header photo image by Jewell Colyer.

Bea can be reached at BeaMuses@gmail.com.

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