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The Choreographer

There are times when life seems to be routine–
Same people, same tasks, same places.
You plod on through, eyes down,
Just getting by,
Trying not to wade too deeply into the ruts,
Trying to find purpose in the midst of it all.

And there are times when life seems to move too quickly–
When there is too much to do, too much to see,
Too much to experience.
You skip and twirl and dance,
Trying to keep up with it all,
Trying to see God in the midst of it all.

And all the time, through largo and allegro,
It is the Lord who directs the music,
It is He who choreographs the dance.
And as long as we’re willing
To listen to His music,
To take His direction,
To bend to His will,
Then, no matter what adventure life brings,
We will see Him in the midst of it.

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Thursday Intermission

Happy Thursday!

This week’s video reminds me of the time Roger and I were in NYC with our younger son. He was a dancer–an accomplished dancer–and he had taken a couple of classes at a studio there that morning. Afterward, he wanted to remember a particular routine to teach at his local studio. So we ducked around a corner by a Starbucks in the theatre district. He started to rehearse the routine–kind of quietly, not full-out–while I videoed. Several people looked on as he rehearsed the steps; and two women came over, cameras on the ready, to ask us if he was rehearsing, and for which show.

We were honest … But what if we hadn’t been? We might have been just a couple of bouncers short of this.

Hmm … I think I’m just as glad we didn’t go that route. All that posing for photos with all those girls might have been too exhausting for him!

Also, the video is called “Fake Celebrity.” It seems that “My 15 Minutes” or something of the sort might have been a better title. After all, he was a celebrity … for one evening.

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