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What Does Love Look Like?

For several weeks now, I’ve been tucked away at home, tethered by a knee injury. The orthopedist could do nothing as yet. When I’d gone to see him, the knee was inflamed, so much so that even a cortisone shot couldn’t be given. His directions?

Don’t walk.

So for the past six weeks, I’ve kept walking to a bare minimum. I spend most of my time at home. And I’ve done an unwillingly close study to answer one question: What does love look like?  As Christians, we often talk about loving others, about reaching out to them, caring for them. But what does that look like? Here are a few of my findings.

Love looks like cards and phone calls from friends, just to say “I was thinking of you.”

Love looks like a hug at church.

It looks like my younger son when he brought me the elements of Communion since I couldn’t walk all the way up the aisle at church.

It looks like the couple who invited Roger and I to dinner, and ate outside on their new patio so I didn’t have to walk up the stairs to get to their apartment.

Love looks like the friends from my Bible study group–which I haven’t been able to attend–who came and shared lunch with me after group. And it looks like my older son, who baked brownies for us.

It looks like emails and texts, sometimes from friends I only know online.

Love looks like the couple who surprised us by dropping by with homemade chicken pot pie–the most delicious ever.

Love looks like my husband, who has been taking care of the household–and like our two sons, who have been helping him.

It looks like the friends who pray for me.

Love looks like the friends who offered to come help with household tasks, to bring a guitar for a time of praise, or just to visit.

And it looks like my husband when he kidnapped me for a day, took me to a mall, and made us both laugh as he pushed–careened–me in a wheelchair for the afternoon.

When we think of showing God’s love, we often think of the big things, the grand gestures; and God’s love is seen in these: digging wells for people in Africa, helping children in Haiti, establishing schools and orphanages and hospitals all over the world, wherever they’re needed. All of these are things we should be doing.

But it’s also important to show love in smaller ways. You never know when your actions will keep someone from feeling despair or desperation or, as in my case, isolation.

Especially if you can make a good pot pie.


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Supersize the Lord with Me!

“O magnify the Lord with me, and let us exalt His name together.”

— Psalm 34:3

“Magnify the Lord.”

It’s such a biblical-sounding term, isn’t it? We don’t often talk about magnifying things. Instead, we maximize, or enlarge, or expand or … supersize.

Somehow, “Supersize the Lord with me” just doesn’t sound as spiritual, does it?

But that’s what this verse is talking about. We need to somehow make the Lord bigger. Not in reality, of course, since He isn’t changing in size; but we need to enlarge our perception of Him. We need to see Him as the great and mighty God.

He’s bigger than those physical problems.

Greater than the mortgage.

Mightier than that job search.

Larger than that argument.

More powerful than those problems with the kids, or your spouse, or your parents.

Bigger, higher, greater than all of those seemingly insurmountable troubles.

We know He’s bigger … we just don’t always act that way. You know why?

It’s because we’re looking in the wrong places. Our eyes are so focused on the problems that we neither see nor recognize the God who is bigger than all of them. We’re so involved in looking at our concerns, at those walls thrown onto the path directly in front of us, that we neglect to look above and beyond those obstacles to the God who is more than able to help us through them.

And when we do that–when we focus on the immediate rather than the eternal–the things we’re looking at expand to take up our whole field of vision. We can’t see around them because they have become so huge to us.

So what can we do about that?

We can magnify the Lord. We can make Him bigger by allowing Him to be what we focus on. Like the second part of the verse says, we can exalt His name–praise Him, talk about the awesome things He does.

As we put our focus on the Lord, we begin to see Him more nearly as He is. We can praise Him for who He is in our lives.

Creator … Savior … Healer … Listener.

The One who helps me when problems come.

The God who is bigger than all my troubles.

And as you focus on Him, it grows easier to come to Him and hand over the things that are worrying you. Not only did He make you, He loves you. Not only does He know you better than anyone else, He cares for you more than you can imagine.

Come on! Supersize the Lord with me!

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