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Floating Out to Sea

Waves on Straddie beach

Waves on Straddie beach (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Every summer as the boys were growing up, we tried to go to the ocean, at least for a few days. Going to the beach meant walking the boardwalk, playing the games at the arcade, riding the rides. It meant lunch at the diner on the beach, renting a bike surrey and flying kites at dusk. The boys had favorite shops, favorite restaurants, favorite things to do.

But above all, it meant time at the ocean—digging in the sand, chasing seagulls, playing in the water, jumping waves. If you went during the week, you could take a raft out and just float.

Not long ago, we were talking about our beach trips with our older son, Rob. He recalled lots of fun times, and then he casually mentioned, “I remember the time I was on the raft and almost floated out to sea.”

Wait–what? The time he almost floated out to sea?

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